In the year 2048...

the Pinnacle Corporation holds a competition to select its new corporate spokesperson.

Millions enter with the hope of fame and fortune and the promise of superpowers to the winner. Now, after months of screening and regional competitions, it is down to five finalists. These finalists will compete head to head for the title of becoming Pinnacle's newest celebrity and the next step in human evolution!

Five contestants... a truckload of superpowers... and a national TV audience. Who will reach the top in the Pinnacle Games?
- Written by Larafan and Conceptfan

Episode 1 - Meet the Contestants

Meet the Contestants

Episode 1 - Meet the Contestants

Guy Henderson and January O'Neil are your hosts for the television event of the century: The Pinnacle Games. 5 extraordinary contestants, each winners from their home regions, line up to compete to become Spokesperson for the Pinnacle Corporation. Also up for grabs... Superpowers!

Starring: Rapunzaroo, JustineLeah, Becky, Katelyn, Rebecca

Guest starring: Cathryn

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Episode runtime: 35 Min


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